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Back and Shoulder Workout From Hell

So I’ve been mixing up my training lately…experimenting with various splits, reps, sets, angles, variations, tempos, rest periods, etc because just like everyone else…I wouldn’t mind taking my physique to the next level. That means I can’t get complacent and keep doing the same ole “hero workout” day in and day out. I’ve also been […]

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Quick Total Body Workouts For Home or Hotel

Have to travel on business? On vacation? Road trip with friends? Busy schedule and can’t make it to the gym?

Not to worry!

Here are a few total body “Hotel Workouts” that you can do with little to no equipment at all that will ensure you will never miss a workout and fall off track.

These are quick workouts that you’ll be able to finish in 15-20 minutes or less so you’ll have more time to spend having fun on your trip, or to just relax and chill out

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