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10 Nutrition Strategies To Help You Get Sexy-ier – Part 1

I’ve heard it a thousand times… “OMG Jamin you are such a health freak…” “Jamin don’t you ever eat anything NORMAL?” “Jamin come on dude, live life a little!” When this happens I’ll just smile and glance down at the persons belly…because it usually reveals all of the “living” they have been doing lately… Burgers, […]

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Does Bread Really Make You Fat?

I think that if they had rehab for bread overdose…most people would end up there at some point. I know that I probably would have been there in a straitjacket about 10 years ago. Because the entire time I was in the bread rehabilitation clinic I’m sure I would have been trying to escape… …because […]

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Thanksgiving Damage Control

Guest blog by Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, PhD Dinner’s done. You’re stuffed. Your pants feel way too snug and you feel like a blow-fish because you’re so bloated. Yes, that’s right: another Thanksgiving dinner came and went, and you still crammed more stuffing in your mouth than you wanted to, and over-indulged in pie, bread and gravy. […]

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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser Transformation Scam

Almost everyone knows about the biggest loser – that reality show/ weight loss contest on TV where overweight people drop ridiculous amounts of weight – like 15 or 20 lbs in a week, and 150 or 200 lbs by the time the show is over. In my opinion that show is just one big JOKE, […]

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