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17 Workout Finishers That Burn Fat Fast

Summer is officially here and beach season is in full swing. The people who busted their asses all winter are now frolicking around the beach, flaunting their ripped abs, jacked arms, and tight glutes… …while the slackers are kicking it on the sidelines wishing they had the courage to take off their shirts and reveal […]

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Jamin Thompson’s Hardcore Leg Workout

Whats up! Hey, so in today’s video, I stop by Iron Gym in Santa Monica, California and have IFBB pro bodybuilder Jamo Nezzar from The Jamcore Physique Factory take me through a BRUTAL leg workout. Jamo basically had me do giant sets of everything for about 60 minutes….and then made me finish with a tri-set […]

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Stair Workouts | Jamin Thompson vs Virgil Aponte

Today, I’ve got an AWESOME interview for you between stair exercise expert Virgil Aponte (former WNBA strength coach) and myself…(if you want to lose more belly fat and get more muscular you need to pay close attention)

For you WNBA fans out there, back when Virgil was a strength and conditioning coach for the New York Liberty, they won the Eastern Conference and played the Los Angeles Sparks in the WNBA finals. He isn’t just some fly by night trainer, trust me.

So if you are a young aspiring athlete, or just a gym rat wanting to IMPROVE, Virgil is your guy.
(BONUS: When you get to the bottom of the interview, you’ll see 3 COOL bonus gifts from Virgil that you will be able to download until midnight tonight)

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