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Jamin Thompson how to be a fitness model

How To Be A Fitness Model

I’ve gotten quite a few emails this week from people asking me how to be a fitness model… So I figured I would use this post to answer everyone’s questions and reveal some of my best tips for getting started in the fitness modeling industry. So how can you become a fitness model? In my […]

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Jamin Thompson_Jamo Nezzar

Jamin vs Jamo | The WBFF Results Controversy

In this video I sit down with former IFBB pro bodybuilder Jamo Nezzar from The Jamcore Physique Factory and discuss the controversial WBFF World’s Men’s Fitness Model results as well as the Women’s Bikini results. You’ll hear me drop my 2 cents about James Ellis’ “upset” victory over defending WBFF champ Obi Obadike… You’ll also […]

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LA Fit Expo Madness

This past weekend I made an appearance at the LA Fitness Expo and it was a great experience. (pics below) I got to see a bunch of old friends, make new friends and business contacts, as well as meet a bunch of people I know from Facebook and Twitter which was really cool. If you […]

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How To Get Six Pack Abs – The Rob Riches Ab Workout Part 3

My good friend and WBFF World champion fitness model and competitor, Rob Riches, reveals his entire ab workout in full detail, showing the top exercises to strengthen and condition the entire core and abdominal region. Throughout these six pack abs video shorts (9 in total), you’ll learn how to do each abdominal exercise properly, and […]

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