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10 Nutrition Strategies To Help You Get Sexy-ier – Part 1

I’ve heard it a thousand times… “OMG Jamin you are such a health freak…” “Jamin don’t you ever eat anything NORMAL?” “Jamin come on dude, live life a little!” When this happens I’ll just smile and glance down at the persons belly…because it usually reveals all of the “living” they have been doing lately… Burgers, […]

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The Top 4 REAL Fat Burning Secrets From The Supermarket PART 2

In part 1 of this series I revealed four fat burning secrets available from your supermarket: coffee, hot red pepper, cinnamon and green tea- and their calorie-burning effects. ( In case you missed part one you can click here to read it.)

Along the way, we learned that increasing your calorie-burning rate is the first step towards achieving negative fat balance, a metabolic state of affairs in which your body is burning more fat than it’s storing, and without which, fat loss is impossible. In this post we will discuss how practical it actually is to actually use the “Top Four” to help you get you into negative fat balance and see the fat pounds melt off.

Studies have made it fairly clear that taking caffeine can increase your calorie-burning rate. But can drinking coffee have the same effect? For help in answering this question, I reached out to Dr. Abdul Dulloo (Ph.D.), a lecturer and research fellow in the Department of Medicine and Physiology at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. He said that: “There have been

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The Top 4 REAL Fat Burning Secrets From The Supermarket

Most of us don’t just want to lose “weight”. We want to lose body fat. This is what really concerns us, cosmetically speaking, at least. With swimsuit/pool season already upon us, many of us are already in a panic about other people seeing us sporting our “winter coats”.

Body fat, referred to by scientists as adipose tissue, is the stuff that can hide shapely, defined muscles from view, make your bikini fit awkwardly (or not at all), put rolls on your belly, and so on. To lose body fat and prevent it from finding you again, you must burn more of it than you store. When you achieve this scientists say you are in negative fat balance, and it can be a very positive thing. Indeed, if you stay in negative fat balance long enough, then you will unquestionably lose body fat.

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