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How To Get Six Pack Abs – The Rob Riches Ab Workout Part 2

My good friend and WBFF World champion fitness model and competitor, Rob Riches, reveals his entire ab workout in full detail, showing the top exercises to strengthen and condition the entire core and abdominal region. Throughout these six pack abs video shorts (9 in total), you’ll learn how to do each abdominal exercise properly, and […]

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What’s Your Six Pack Abs Excuse?

If you’re still blaming your lack of six pack abs success on your job, your lack of time, your genetics, on your age, bla bla you need to stop kidding yourself and snap back into reality. It’s not about any of that crap, it’s about your commitment to sticking to the plan! Once you stop […]

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Men’s Health Abs Model Max Wettstein Conversation Part 2

Today, I bring you part 2 of the conversation between Max Wettstein (Men’s Health abs model and fitness expert) and myself.

Jamin: There are literally hundreds of ways to work your core but most people only do sit-ups and crunches, which I rarely do anymore. What is your favorite exercise to train your core?

Max: My favorite core-specific exercise is plank-variations and the Vacuum-pose (which targets the Transverse Abdominus). My core is constantly engaged to some degree during all of the sports I play though, so rarely do I have to focus on it. The posing & flexing I’m required to do on shoot-days also really hits my abs & core hard! I also apply ‘Abs-Awareness’ all day every day!

Jamin: Ok so I’m sure everyone wants to know how a Men’s Health cover model trains his abs. Would you mind sharing one of your favorite ab workouts?

Max: I apply ‘Abs-Awareness’ throughout my life! Full-body, functional fitness & playing sports are primarily how I train my abs. Also, isometric flexing & posing during shoots & shoot-prep is next. But my favorite abs-specific exercises are plank-variations & hyper-extended crunches while laying back on a Swiss Ball. I do these until I feel the burn & to failure!

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Men’s Health Abs Model Max Wettstein Conversation Part 1

I’ve got an AWESOME interview for you to kick off the weekend (especially if your goal is to get LEANER, more MUSCULAR, and get a fitness model’s physique)…

I recently sat down with my good buddy & Men’s Health Abs model Max Wettstein…have you heard of this dude?

You have probably seen him on Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, & Maximum Fitness magazine covers. Plus he was on the cover of the Men’s Health Ultimate Abs Guide last year.

Anyways, I always wondered if he was the real deal, until I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him a short while ago…

…and let me be the first one to say, Max isn’t one of those boy band, pretty boy, don’t know how to train fitness model types. This dude knows his stuff and his warrior style workouts prove his toughness.

Plus the guy is an athlete and that is always cool in my book! :)

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The Best Ab Workout Ever | Get Ripped In Weeks

When training to develop the all elusive six pack, it can be difficult to decide what the best ab workout to follow may be…. …and if you have been in the game for a while, you’ll notice that most of the ab workouts you’ll find out there are just abdominal targeting exercises. Pretty useless stuff if you […]

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