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How To Get Bigger Arms | Arm Workout

Guns, pipes, pythons, you know the deal. All guys want em’, but not ever guy will ever claim em’. Jacked, ripped, intimidating, and dare I say SEXY, arms… Arms that intimidate other guys… Arms that make the ladies swoon… Arms that make people turn their heads and say “holy shit look at that guy”… It […]

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The Prison Workout

Let’s face it, prisoners are some of the most jacked dudes on the planet. Yep…they’re gym “freaks”…which is kind of ironic considering how many FREE men out there make lame excuses about why they have weak, flabby physiques… …and every time I hear guys make lame excuses for their failure(s) in the gym (aka lack […]

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The 6 Pack Secret: Birthday Sale

It’s my birthday! Yaaaayyyyyy……….. It’s no secret, I’m not a big birthday person. No big bashes, no huge parties, no hype no hoopla… Honestly I think it all went downhill ever since i got that silver BMX bike for my 10th birthday… I mean let’s face it, nothing was cooler than turning 10 and getting […]

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44 of the Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

These 44 Bodyweight Exercises (I counted 43 actually but feel free to count em’ yourself and prove me wrong) should be part of everyone’s strength training program, especially if your goal is to get bigger, stronger, faster, and ultimately more jacked. And I’m not just talking about sit-ups  push-ups, and air squats here (yawn)…I’m talking about […]

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Jamin Thompson

How Often Should I Be Training My Abs

With all of the different theories and opinions out there coming from multiple sources, one can only expect to get confusing and conflicting information when it comes to six pack abs… Click Here to read a helpful Men’s Fitness Magazine article on abdominal training frequency (sorry if the model ruins the article) Conventional wisdom tells you that doing […]

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Busy Man Workouts

There’s a big misconception out there that if you work in an office (aka sit on your ass from 9-5 or later)…you’re lazy and unmotivated if you’re “too tired to train” either before or after work. This assumption is 100% FALSE. Having worked in several corporate environments myself, and sat in tons of super boring, […]

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