How To Get Ripped Like An Olympic Sprinter

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week or so you’ll know that the 2012 Olympics are in full force right now.

You ‘non-hiding-under-a-rock-peeps’ will probably also know that Usain Bolt successfully defended his 100 meters title, shattered the Olympic record, and made history with a blazing 9.63 second time.

Shortly after the race, social media was buzzing…

…and not only with tweets and comments about Bolt’s world domination…

…but people were also in awe at how phenomenal all of the sprinters physiques looked.

Sure, much of it comes down to their genetics, but the main reasons Olympic sprinters are in phenomenal shape are because of (1) their training; and (2) the positive effects that sprinting has on metabolism and ultimately fat loss.

As a former athlete, I can tell you without a doubt that high intensity sprinting is definitely one of the primary reasons you see many athletes eating “junk” food…

yet they still remain ripped 12 months a year.

Their metabolisms are just super charged, so the majority of the calories they eat are simply burned for energy.

Must be nice right?

Of course it is!

But there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing, in fact, today could be the day you turn your luck around because my buddy Ian Graham (who is a former track champion, and current personal trainer/Certified USA Track & Field coach) just posted a free PDF on his website that will show you the “in’s and out’s” of how to sprint for fat loss.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how Olympic sprinters and various other pro athletes use sprints to get ripped and STAY RIPPED all year, simply click this link to download the report for free.

Inside this report you’ll learn:

1. Exactly how sprinters train on and off the track.

2. How to use sprint workouts to get that lean athletic look.

3. The ‘Priority Principle’ and how it directly relates to your abs.

And much more…

There’s nothing to buy, the Sprinting For Fat Loss PDF is just 33 pages of pure content.

Enjoy the free report, I’ll talk to you soon.


PS - Even if you don’t want a ‘sprinters body’ you still may want to check it out anyway, just to learn how it’s done ;)

Jamin Thompson
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