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Be All You Can Be

Rewind 20 years and I was a young kid with crazy dreams and aspirations. (Check me out, I’m on the right) One day I wanted to be a professional wrestler, the next day an astronaut, and the next day a dinosaur. I honestly think that I wanted to be everything cool as a kid from […]

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food additives

The Truth About Food Additives

It’s no secret, many of the ingredients and additives found in our food supply can be extremely controversial, even downright scary. In fact, sometimes it almost seems as if making sense of a food label requires a degree in food science or environmental chemistry… For example, some commonly used food additives include: Sulfated butyl oleate, […]

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10 Tips For Better Digestion

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – all diseases start in the gut. If you have poor gut health (which usually begins with poor digestion) you will constantly feel run down and sick, your body will function at less efficient levels, and your risk of chronic disease increases significantly. As discussed in […]

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The Success Formula

These days it seems all everyone wants are compliments, puppies, hugs, smiles, and quick fixes. Nobody wants to get down n’ dirty and work hard to get what they want anymore. People now want instant gratification and overnight results. They want to enjoy the sweetness of the fruit without suffering through the pain of any […]

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