101 Tips To Get Six Pack Abs (Part 3)

get six pack abs female 43. Keep Your Diet Basic. Stick to organic grass fed meat (avoid factory farmed meat), fish that isn’t farm raised, cage free eggs, free range chicken, as well as organic fruit, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

44. Macronutrient Mayhem. Here’s a basic daily macronutrient outline: Eat approximately 0.8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, roughly 100-200 grams of carbs (depending how much you weigh), and 20-50 grams of healthy fats such as olive, coconut, and fish oil per day.

45. Implement Carb Loading & Carb Cycling. I always say “Cheat On Your Diet, Not Your Girlfriend”. So if you’re 19% bodyfat or less try to have one cheat meal or one carb load meal per week. Don’t go crazy though…when you carb load be sure to stick to healthy carbs like brown rice, yams, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

46. Carb Up Often If You’re Lean. If you’re lean (up to approximately 10% bodyfat if you’re male or 16% bodyfat if you’re female) don’t be afraid to have a high carb/carb load day every 4-5 days or so instead of just once per week.

47. Cheat Meals Aren’t For Everyone. If you’re 20% bodyfat or above, you should avoid cheat meals until you get under this percentage.

48. Carb Cycling For Dummies. Here’s a basic carb cycling schedule if you’re just starting out: Have 3-4 medium carb days, 1-2 low carb days, 1-2 high carb days. On medium day carbs will be around 1-1.5 grams per pound of body weight, on low days carbs will be at 0.3-.80 grams per pound of body weight, and on high carb day carbs will be at 2-3 grams per pound of body weight.

49. Don’t Be A Fatty. On carb load days be sure to keep your fat intake low. I recommend 20 grams or less.

50. Don’t Overcardio. Never do cardio for more then 46-60 minutes per session. If you have a lot of fat to lose and need to do more cardio try to break it up into two parts, morning & evening. For example, do 30-45 minutes in the morning before breakfast and 30-45 minutes in the evening. The negative effects of doing too much cardio suck (lowered power output, increased cortisol, muscle loss, strength loss, overuse injuries, boredom).

51. Walk It Out. Low intensity, long duration cardio (walking) is the best option available for those who are concerned with losing size and strength. This one of my favorite fat loss methods and is also a favorite of many great bodybuilders (i.e. Dorian Yates). Walking has the least negative effect on your size and strength gains and and it will also improve your insulin sensitivity. Walking will also allow you to eat more calories while also keeping you lean (especially when you are in mass gain mode).  I recommend walking for 45-60 minutes per session. Doing the stanky leg = optional.

52. Power Walk. Just like those crazy women you see strutting it out in the mall; walking cardio isn’t supposed to be a slow stroll through the park. You’ve got to haul ass and try to keep your heart rate around 65%. Don’t think that just because I say you can walk to lose fat that you can just go out there and walk like you’re taking a romantic stroll on the beach.

53. Step Up Your Walk Game. Try walking with a weighted vest, a sled, up hills, through canyons, up stairs, over rough terrain, pushing a baby stroller if you’re a mom, etc. Walking on a treadmill every workout is boring and lame.

54. Just Say No To Blood Sweat & Tears. Most people think you have to be covered in blood, sweat, tears, and vomit at the end of the workout if you’re going to lose fat and get ripped. This notion is totally false and it’s mostly all marketing hype from trainers trying to sell “new” and “never before seen” workout programs. I really think this concept has turned into a really annoying Badge of Honor in most gyms these days. Honestly though you can lose fat and build a badass physique by simply eating right, doing basic compound exercises, walking, and resting. It’s a shame most people don’t want to hear that. Sure you’ve gotta train with intensity but don’t be a dumbass and over train. Sorry but Crossfit & Pukefest Style Bootcamps are not the holy grail of fitness. Sue me if you disagree…I really don’t care. You can do 10,000 reps per session using your new “badass workout” but I’d bet $10,000 that I can probably still kick your ass. Oh wait…and I’m probably still more ripped too. Don’t believe the hype! (Note: If you’re offended by what I just said and came to this blog looking for hugs you’re in the wrong place. If you found this page by accident and actually need a real hug please click here)

Jamin Thompson MMA Abs

55. Use “Crunchless” Abdominal Exercises. Some of my favorite “crunchless” abdominal exercises are: Mountain Climbers, Plank, Renegade Dumbbell Row, Forearm Plank, Sumo Deadlift to Curl, Windshield Wipers, L-Pullups, Chin-Ups, and Front Squats.

56. Go Gangster. Add these seldom used exercises to your routine: Sledge hammer slam, Alligator crawl, plate pushes, windshield wipers, kettlebell slams.

57. Keep Your Ab Workouts Short. You don’t have to spend an hour doing abdominal exercises in order to build rock hard six pack abs , in fact, you can get in a great abdominal workout in just a few minutes, as demonstrated in this 6 minute ab workout.

58. Beware False Prophets. Seems like everywhere you turn these days a new “guru” comes out with a shiny brand new way to get six pack abs. Six pack abs aren’t rocket science, there are millions of dudes running around in Africa right now with ripped abs who have never even touched a weight, done a single crunch, or pounded a single scoop of protein powder. Save your money.

59. Abdominal Exercises Are Overrated. Let’s face it. With the right diet, 80-90% of you could probably sit on the couch, never touch a weight, never do any cardio, and still get lean. I am also a firm believer that you can probably squat, deadlift, military press, and pull-up/chin-up your way to six pack abs without ever doing a traditional “abdominal exercise”. See #58 above if you aren’t convinced.

60. Don’t Be A Part-Time Champion. Once you get in shape don’t let yourself go and become an out of shape fat ass again. What’s the point!

61. Don’t Be A Crybaby. We all know that dieting and training can be tough, especially when you’re trying to get ripped. There is no need to tweet and post status updates on Facebook every 2 seconds about how much you hate training and dieting because we already know it sucks. All of that negative energy could be channeled into something positive instead. Something like squatting. Or helping others.

62. Stay Positive Regardless. Getting ripped isn’t easy and there are bound to be setbacks on the road to success. Be endlessly positive with yourself, never listen to the haters, and always believe you can do it. Feel free to tweet me if you need an extra dose of motivation or a swift kick in the ass.

63. Train Your Ass Off. I know those ripped fitness models you see working out in the fitness magazines and on tv in the ab gadget infomercials are smiling the entire time they are doing the “workout”…but in real life these people are training harder than most people can even imagine and their workouts are nothing to smile about. (Disclaimer: See #54 above if you still aren’t sure what overtraining means)

64. Don’t Be The Local Gym Evangelist. Sure you have probably made some great progress by using these tips (how can you not right lol) but you don’t need to waste valuable time in the gym yapping about it. Stay focused and handle your business. Trust me…if you have enough oxygen left in your lungs after your set to yap it up at the water cooler…you probably aren’t training with enough intensity make a dent in your abdominal fat at all. Don’t worry though brochacho, you can always tweet your gym buddies your six pack secrets later. (Note: This may be more of a ‘how not to be a tool’ tip, but it will still help you train more efficiently…which will help you in your quest for six pack perfection.)

65. Avoid Pussification. This is a memo to all of the male readers: Fellas, the Pussification Movement must stop now. When you enter the gym you aren’t there to look cute. You aren’t there to shake your ass or do balancing tricks on silly blue balls (you should already know that blue balls suck anyway). You are there to do manly shit. You are there to throw weight around. Preferably heavy weights. Trust me when I tell you…whatever your goal is (fat loss, muscle building, six pack abs, maintenance)…hardcore, old school strength training will make a bigger difference than anything else, REGARDLESS. Not dance workouts, silly toning circuits, or any new hyped up “sexy” or “cutting edge” workout bullshit you may see out there.

Thanks for reading. Please leave your questions and comments below.

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