How To Be A Fitness Model

Jamin Thompson how to be a fitness modelI’ve gotten quite a few emails this week from people asking me how to be a fitness model

So I figured I would use this post to answer everyone’s questions and reveal some of my best tips for getting started in the fitness modeling industry.

So how can you become a fitness model?

In my opinion, there is no ‘right way’ or ‘wrong way’ to get started as a fitness model…but there are some basic guidelines to follow when you are just starting out.

Here are my top 3 tips:

1) Take Action
2) Take Action
3) Take Action

You get the point :)

Anyways, you may not know exactly what action(s) you need to be taking so I’ve posted a few helpful links below that may help you get started.

These articles should help you avoid many of the same mistakes I made when I first got started in the industry, and hopefully help you start booking jobs quickly. You’ll learn most of the basics like: how to break into the industry, how to set up photoshoots, how to get an agency, how to book jobs, etc.

If you have questions or comments after reading through the articles, feel free to post them as a comment below.

Here are the links:

1) How to set up a photoshoot

2) How to prepare for a photoshoot

3) How to create a media kit

4) How to promote yourself as a model

5) How to land a fitness magazine cover

I am by no means an ‘authority’ on fitness modeling (if that even exists)…I can only speak for my own experiences.

Some people may have different opinions/experiences/ideas/etc than I do…and that’s totally cool. Even though I have booked a solid amount of paid jobs in my career I definitely don’t know everything and am still learning every day!

Anyways, I hope you find this information to be beneficial; and I truly hope it helps take you straight to the top!

As for getting into photoshoot ready shape, I suggest you check out my 6 Pack Abs Program by clicking HERE now.

Good luck.

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Jamin Thompson
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  1. Michelle November 2, 2011 at 6:16 am #

    Solid advice! I’ve been using Google to try and find relevant info but nothing good ever turns up lol. This helped a TON, so thank you!

  2. Phil Stevens November 2, 2011 at 6:27 am #

    Do you know of any good fitness photographers in Ohio?

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