Jamin vs Jamo | The WBFF Results Controversy


The WBFF Results Controversy

In this video I sit down with former IFBB pro bodybuilder Jamo Nezzar from The Jamcore Physique Factory and discuss the controversial WBFF World’s Men’s Fitness Model results as well as the Women’s Bikini results.

You’ll hear me drop my 2 cents about James Ellis’ “upset” victory over defending WBFF champ Obi Obadike…

You’ll also get my opinion about my homegirl Chady Dunmore’s repeat victory over the lovely Ingrid Romero.

This is the first in a series of discussions & workouts between Jamo and myself so stay tuned because I’ll be posting more cool stuff this week!

Disclaimer: The opinions discussed in this video are just that…OPINIONS. Jamo and I respect and love all of our fellow fitness models, competitors, and bodybuilders. Especially Chady, she won twice in a row, and that’s awesome. :D


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