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Finish Strong

There are special moments throughout history that are simply impossible to forget. They are just that powerful. One such moment was when injured track star Derek Redmond’s dad helped him cross the finish line at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. In case you don’t know the story, Derek tore his hamstring in the semi-finals […]

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Committed Failure | The Mindset of a Loser

Seems like all everyone wants these days is a cutting edge training program, a sophisticated diet plan, delicious recipes that burn fat & build muscle, and exotic supplements that do all the work for you. And everywhere you turn these you see more and more products, programs, and supplements hyping people up to believe they […]

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Metabolic Cooking Review [Plus Free Sample Recipe]

After much anticipation, Dave Ruel & Karine Losier have finally launched their Metabolic Cooking Recipe Guide. Meta-what? Metabolic Cooking!!! It’s the highly anticipated NEW collection by kitchen fat loss experts Dave Ruel & Karine Losier. You asked for a way to make losing weight fun, easy, and full on gourmet? Well Dave and Karine stepped […]

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