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Lessons Learned From Times Of Pain

This is probably one of the longer blog posts I’ve done…so I want to apologize in advance. But its also one of the most content packed ever and I think you’ll find it somewhat entertaining and hopefully even learn a thing or two. People usually squinch up their faces and give me weird looks when […]

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The DARK SIDE of Fish Oil Supplements

I am completely blown away by recent disturbing news regarding fish oils and how they can be downright DANGEROUS to your health. What your doctor never told you about Fish Oil <<<— Read Here I’m talking neurotoxins that can cause irreversible brain damage, dangerous lipid peroxides, marked oxidative stress level increases, and tons more ugly […]

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I Love Eating Dried Crushed Bugs

Red red wine you make me feel so fine…You keep me rocking all of the time… Gotta love Bob Marley! But unfortunately this isn’t that kind of party… This isn’t happy wine…and after this post you’ll be singing Red Red Whine… Because you’ll be whining & crying about what I’m about to tell you today. […]

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Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

Nutrition blogger Andy Bellatti, put together this HILARIOUS 5 minute animated skit to shed light on: From Big Food cereals and protein-obsessed personal trainers to fat phobia and diet pills, what we have here is the confusion so many Americans develop due to the sheer number of conflicting and often erroneous messages about nutrition. With […]

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Protein Wars – Is Your Protein Powder TOXIC?

So apparently I stirred the pot a little bit on Facebook the other day when I posted this picture of the results from the Consumer Reports magazine test for heavy metals in 15 popular protein powders. And I started a very interesting yet friendly debate with my friends & colleagues Kelechi Opara, Nathane Jackson, Max […]

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Don’t Buy Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded…

So it appears the most popular questions I am getting from readers this week is “Does Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded really work“? or “Are Mike & Elliott Real?” or “Is this program really worth it?” or “Should I buy it?” My non biased answer to all of these questions is YES… Here’s the problem…these workouts […]

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