LA Fit Expo Madness

This past weekend I made an appearance at the LA Fitness Expo and it was a great experience. (pics below)

I got to see a bunch of old friends, make new friends and business contacts, as well as meet a bunch of people I know from Facebook and Twitter which was really cool.

If you are into health, fitness, and sports you are definitely missing out if you have never attended a Fitness Expo. Everything sport and fitness related is all under one roof, plus you can rub elbows with the big names in the industry, shake hands with celebrities, pose for pics with your favorite fitness models, and really have a good time.

Not only are expos probably the best place to meet and interact with like minded health & fitness peeps within the industry…but if you are an aspiring fitness model these events are also great places to meet the top photographers and other top decision makers in the fitness industry.

So get out to the next expo or show and see how exciting the world of fitness can be. I think I will be at the Arnold Classic this March with Team Powertec so perhaps I’ll see you there!

Here are some of the highlights from the LA Expo this past weekend:

Me with fitness models Emily Zaler, Zack Yanni, and Petra Hayek

I wanted to enter the sumo contest! Do you think I would have a chance? :D

My buddy, the super shredded Kelechi Opara competing in the Bodyspace Spokesmodel Competition. I’m proud of you bro! (Hi Jamie :D)

Women’s BodySpace Spokesmodel Competition with Jennifer Rankin, Kathleen Tesori, Laura Bailey, Felicia Romero, & Lindsay Kaye. Congrats to all 5 ladies for making it to the finals and a big hi 5 for Jen!

Cool peeps & athletes – Ms. Bikini Universe Classic Nicole Moneer Guererro and IFBB Pro Alicia Harris

Team Powertec in the house: Natalie Minh, Myself, & Chady Dunmore

Well there you go, it was a great time! By the way, everyone I tagged in the photos here are really cool peeps and good friends of mine. So click their links and add them on Facebook, they are great peeps to know in the industry and are all down to earth and just awesome people. Be sure to let them know you are a friend of mine & see you at the Arnold!


(photos courtesy of photographers Natalie Minh & Bobby Black)

Jamin Thompson
Jamin Thompson has been called "the most handsome fitness model in the world" and "a brilliant actor & writer", both by his mom. He's a former Clemson & UMiami athlete and World Ranked tennis player who writes to help others dominate in the gym, on the field, and in life using his real world, in the trenches experience. His book, The 6 Pack Secret, has been sold in over 50 countries and has helped thousands of folks from all walks of life get cut and jacked the healthy way.
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Jamin Thompson
Jamin Thompson
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