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Quick Total Body Workouts For Home or Hotel

Have to travel on business? On vacation? Road trip with friends? Busy schedule and can’t make it to the gym?

Not to worry!

Here are a few total body “Hotel Workouts” that you can do with little to no equipment at all that will ensure you will never miss a workout and fall off track.

These are quick workouts that you’ll be able to finish in 15-20 minutes or less so you’ll have more time to spend having fun on your trip, or to just relax and chill out

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How To Get Six Pack Abs | Summer 6 Pack Abs Plan

Let’s face it, we all want to be 100% ready when summer rolls around, so we can hit the beach or pool, rip off our shirts, and be proud with every head that turns in our direction when we reveal our abs. But for most of us, this is all a dream.

Now that it’s already late May many of us are starting to panic, scramble and rev up the cardio, hoping to pull off a “beach ready abs” miracle.

So millions head to the gym and grind out mind numbing after mind numbing hour of cardio on the stepper, the rower, the treadmill, or any other piece of cardio equipment that looks fancy and sophisticated hoping on a prayer…

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Flat Belly Science: Meal Frequency Tips

Q: I’ve heard that eating more often throughout the day will increase my metabolism and help me lose belly fat and build six pack abs? I thought you had to eat less to lose weight. What is the truth?

A: You’ve probably heard this advice from many different places: personal trainers at your gym, online weight-loss websites, popular diet books, perhaps even from friends. Even though it has SOME merit, it may not be entirely correct, especially if your physical activity levels are low or non-existent.

The idea to increase your meal frequency throughout the day, meaning ditching your typical three square meals and eating six smaller meals, is backed by anecdotal and research findings.

Some of the benefits attributed to eating more often include reducing hunger and caloric intake, boosting your metabolic rate, and controlling hormones that increase your desire for food. For some people this is true, for others, not so much.

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Cheaters ALWAYS Win

If it were easy, everyone would be walking around sporting washboard six pack abs and lean, rockhard sexy bodies.

But hey, it’s not that simple, and trust me, I know all too well that temptation lurks around every corner.

Everywhere you look there’s fast food, junk food, chocolate, candy, ice cream, pizza…you name it.

And we both know it looks delicious and tastes good. Hey, you might even say it looks sexy and hot. And I know you want it, you dream about it, and you crave it like no other.

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I Can No Longer Recommend Joel Marion…

“Discover how you can lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days with the most strategic, fastest, fat loss program ever developed–All while eating WHATEVER you want every fifth day”

Hey…Joel Marion said it..not me…

Lose 25 Pounds in 25 days…right…who is this guy kidding?

I’ve got to be honest with you, this new Xtreme Fat Loss Diet that Joel Marion just came up with is highly controversial…and the results seem to go against logic. But I have to admit…the success stories on the site are pretty incredible…

Who cares!!

As a non-believer, & big time skeptic of anything “revolutionary” or “extreme” I had to ask Joel exactly what the deal was…

Here’s what I asked him: “Joel…Is this some sort of quick fix fat loss scheme, people trust you bro…what are you doing…?

This is what he told me

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